Beauty through brevity.

Branding & DIGITAL Strategy

The Prescription for Company Vision.

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Brand Positioning

Nothing catches a customer's eye like a fantastic brand and nothing deters a customer like an abrasive one. We can ensure that your look invites the public eye and converts new prospects. The new look we create for you will be cohesive and beautiful; you'll be a household name in no time.

presentation Design

Fundraising is competitive and every new service in the market got there with a great presentation. New software and platforms need venture capital to launch, and more than likely, 10 years of work will be condensed into 10 slides. You handle getting into the board room, we'll make sure the message is clear.


Digital Strategy

More than Just Interaction.


This is about far more than your accounts and their response-times. As a modern brand, you're held responsible for regular communication; how and where your technology is presented to prospective clients, partners, and the industry at large. Your go-to-market efforts must be described openly and in-depth across many platforms – all of this without complexity. We position your company to attract new business and communicate your brand in the press and in the home. Reduction Design will bring your product to market with a clear, unique and cohesive strategy: keeping your message simple and attractive.


Investment Packaging

Our investment packaging service is straightforward: your executive summaries, cap-tables, and financial projections will be elegant and inviting. The typefaces and layouts will invite and immerse your potential investors. The design will add a level of sophistication and stability that your competition won't have.

Digital Strategy

Company success is entirely dependent upon targeting an audience. Learn about the customer, your competition, quantify your value and relentlessly market those things. We design the marketing material and put up the web presence to maintain a consistent company voice.